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Wiltshire Wellness ME Jigsaw Soap Sets

Perfect as a gift, or as a well-deserved treat for yourself.

The WW ‘ME’ soap collection is inspired by the concept of sustainable beauty and wellness, and of enabling self-care through premium products which have been designed to meet individual skincare requirements.

Each ‘ME’ Jigsaw Soap Set comprises a number of separate soap jigsaws which, when assembled, create a high-quality, ‘ME’ soap, just for you!

Wiltshire Wellness Text Logo

Three friends. A shared vision.

That is how Wiltshire Wellness came about.


With varied professional backgrounds and skillsets, what united us, apart from our friendship, was our desire to grow a business which could support the achievement of ‘wellness’ in its many and varied dimensions. 


"Excellent communication and fast delivery. I would recommend"

Sue B

"The service from the company is first class and my order was received within a couple of days of your confirmation email."

David M

"Thank you for a well made product and quick delivery."

Alison M


"Arrived today. So pleased with them. Good service and great quality. Many thanks"

Irene G

Values, brand and ethics​

From day one, we agreed that we would be guided by four core principles which inform everything that we have achieved and everything that we will work towards.

Image by FitNish Media


We are completely committed to the goal of becoming a trusted brand with personality and purpose

Checking the Crops


We strive for the best in everything that
we do.  We are tireless in our quest to consistently deliver high quality products and services

Bee on Flower


We aim for the
highest standards
of ethical and sustainable supply. 
We support Fair Trade and, across our supply chain network, we build real relationships with
real people

Image by Artem Labunsky



We encourage our business partners and customers to act in a socially responsible manner


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