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The Scene: March 2020 - 'lockdown’ had just started and the three friends were enjoying a virtual drink.   

The Background: With a huge shortage in the availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which needed to be reserved for front-line healthcare workers, the government told us that face masks and face coverings could be of benefit to the general public, both in the community and in the workplace and, at times during 'lockdown', became mandated. 

The Rationale: Whilst we are unaccustomed in the UK to wearing face masks or coverings, in the COVID-19 era and beyond, there is likely to be an ongoing requirement to do so in circumstances where social distancing is not possible.  

The Idea: We decided, over that virtual drink, to focus our efforts on securing a reliable, high quality, ethically-produced supply of face coverings for customers and businesses within the UK - face coverings that people wanted to wear to support their ‘wellness’ and the ‘wellness’ of others, not simply face coverings that they felt forced to wear. 

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