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Wiltshire Wellness

Wiltshire Wellness covid face coverings and more
Our Story
Face coverings

Our face coverings

  • High quality 3-layer face covering​​

  • 100% cotton and muslin

  • Light nose strip for snug fit

  • Soft elastic, adjustable ear loops to secure

  • Inner pocket for insertion of disposable filters

  • Cool, comfortable and soft on the skin

  • Machine washable and re-usable​

  • Available in small, medium and large sizes

  • Made up in different fabric styles

  • Lightweight and breathable​

A 3-ply, 100% high-grade cotton fitted mask (incorporating a breathable, soft muslin inner layer), our face coverings have been made to order and to a specification that we have designed, tested and adapted, with the principal aim of ensuring comfort and quality.   

With a soft elastic, adjustable ear loops, the face coverings currently come in three available sizes - small, medium and large - and in a range of different fabrics. 

The top of the mask incorporates a light nose strip which means that the mask can be moulded to the face to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

The face coverings have been designed with an inner pocket and disposable filters can therefore be purchased separately and utilised if desired.

Face coverings are not a medical device or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Our face covering designs




Wiltshire Wellness face coverings can be branded for businesses, made up in a fabric colour / pattern of your choice with your branding / company logo screen printed or embroidered in a position of your choosing. There is a minimum order quantity for this service. Prices and samples can be provided upon request. Please contact for further information.  



Our Story

Three friends. A shared vision. A bottle of wine. That is how Wiltshire Wellness came about. With varied professional backgrounds and skillsets, what united us, apart from our friendship, was our desire to grow a business which could support the achievement of ‘wellness’ in its many and varied dimensions.  

For us, ‘wellness’ was a blank canvas, with such exciting potential, affording us opportunity to be unreservedly creative in painting our business picture and in developing our product and service offerings. 

Passionate also about the concept of ethical supply, quality products and of becoming a trusted brand, we drew upon a network of close family and friends to support us in our thinking. Our shared vision started to gain definition.


And then came....

We decided to focus our attention on offering a supply of high quality, ethically produced, comfortable and stylish face coverings.

Values, brand and ethics​

From day one, we agreed that we would be guided by four core principles which inform everything that we have achieved and everything that we will work towards.

Image by FitNish Media


We are completely committed to the goal of becoming a trusted brand with personality and purpose

Checking the Crops


We strive for the best in everything that
we do.  We are tireless in our quest to consistently deliver high quality products and services

Bee on Flower


We aim for the
highest standards
of ethical and sustainable supply. 
We support Fair Trade and, across our supply chain network, we build real relationships with
real people

Image by Artem Labunsky



We encourage our business partners and customers to act in a socially responsible manner

Our face coverings have been sourced and produced using a network of close family and friends and are made for us in Thailand.  Ian, our Operations Manager, is based in Bangkok and has family links with our supplier. He supported us greatly with product design, adaptations and discussions with Paul, our Thai supplier and he, and his family, have also road-tested the product for us - wearing, washing, ironing, repeat! 

At a time when the supply of poor quality face masks and coverings to the UK faced a great deal of bad press, it was critical to us that we could ensure an ethical and reliable supply, underpinned by the highest quality product and workmanship.

Our face covering supply chain

Other products

The ‘Wellness’ product line remains very much in development and we have a myriad of exciting ideas. Chapter 2 is coming soon and here is a sneak preview of the next product to be offered.  

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